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 Family-Owned and Operated 

At age 8, Dawn acquired her very first pony. Her passion for horses began with a small Shetland pony named Abby. As most small ponies can be, this pony was both magnificent and downright naughty at the same time. She learned so much from this little pony, including how to work hard and take good care of an animal that was reliant on her, how to have confidence and tell the pony that she couldn't just run back to the barn, how to have unconditional love, and how the barn is the most amazing place to simply be. Dawn kept this love with her throughout her life and went on to study equine studies in college, earning her riding instructor license and working and teaching at numerous barns throughout the years.

She and her husband Andrew found and purchased this land with the dream of having the horses be at home and having a small backyard farm. Now with their six wonderful children their dream is becoming a reality. The barn was made possible thanks to Andrew's extraordinary talent and vision. He painstakingly constructed the stunning building we have today using salvaged materials from an old barn that he disassembled, but it was a lengthy process and is still undergoing construction.


The children help with every element of running the farm, including cleaning stalls, training the horses, mending fences, taking care of the grounds, and educating community members on the importance of good horsemanship.  


About The Farm 

Our goal is to provide a welcoming environment where both children and adults may learn about, love, and appreciate animals in the same way that we do. For families and children, we provide horseback riding instruction, horsemanship classes, and summer camps. We even began an educational homeschool horsemanship program. We love our assortment of free-range chickens, and they give us the most wonderful fresh eggs. We also have a small farm stand where we sell surplus eggs and seasonal fresh vegetables from the garden.


Meet The 4 legged family members

Our four-legged friends are all members of our family, and they all have unique personalities that play an important role here on the farm. We wouldn't have a farm without them. We value them tremendously, and they mean the world to us!

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