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Miss Kitty

This beautiful girl is a 13.2 hand 21 year old Welsh-Halflinger cross she has a very long history of teaching many children and adults to ride and love horses! She has been part of our family for 8 years now and she is safe and fun for everyone to ride. She definitely loves her grass which is why she is affectionately known as Miss Piggy.



"Mr. T"

Mr. T is our 5 year old Gypsy Vanner. He is sweet and curious and wants ALL the attention all the time! Seriously a puppy dog personality...and that hair!!!


Luna is a very special girl at 14.3 hands and 25 years old. She is an Arabian and a true once in a lifetime unicorn! Luna is as kind and gentle as they come and safe for even the most beginner rider. She is a very special girl!



Jazmine is a 14.2 hand 19 year old Arabian quarter horse she is a rockstar of a leadline pony she will take care of the youngest riders all day! Take her out on a trail for a sturdy reliable ride!


Bella is a 16 hand 15 year old Spotted Draft horse. Absolutely a solid rock of a horse she will take care of her riders all day in the ring or on the trail. She is loved by her half owner, Grace and a favorite among the farm students!



Jude is a 11 year old 13.2 hand Mustang. She was rounded up in Nevada as a 2 year old and was in training for a few years before Samantha fell in love with her. She is adorable under saddle and has so much potential we are excited to see what they can accomplish together! She also is used for some of our more advanced riders in their lessons.  


Stella is 10 year old 14.3 hand Appaloosa she has a puppy dog personality will snuggle all day long. She is incredibly versatile and talented under saddle and this one will keep you on your toes! She will go from sleeping to dancing and prancing in the blink of an eye!! She is Bella’s heart horse, half owned by the farm and ridden by some of our more advanced students. 




Aurora aka Rory is a 17 year old 15.2 hand Quarter Horse. She is your typical chestnut mare slightly opinionated but hearty and strong she thrives in western riding and enjoys barrels and games, taking home the year end award for a local gymkhana buckle series this past year! 


Simon is a 10 year old, 40in Shetland cross pony. Perfect for the little ones to brush & ride as well as teaching us all about driving he is such a fun huggable little guy!



George is a 13 year old 14.2 hand Morgan Horse. Owned by Korynn he is smart, talented, athletic and has a super sweet personality. George is always ready to say hello to the farm visitors, and is always first to greet new farm friends!



Molly is a beautiful 16 year old 14.3 hand palomino Quarter Horse. This gorgeous girl loves attention, she is fun and safe in the ring or on the trails and a blast in the versatility ring!


Jerry is an Adorable little bay pony owned by Dawn C. and here on lease. He is a former Amish cart pony ADORES being groomed and loved and ridden by our smallest riders.

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Millie & Oakie

Our very first goats on the farm. Millie(for Millstone) and Oakie(for Oaks) They are sweet, snuggly, mischievous and naughty all at the same time! They love scratches and will give you kisses in return! 

Cinder & Ella

Cinder and Ella are our beautiful Angora goats. They are not sheep even though they have lots of beautiful curly locks! Their fiber called Mohair will grow about 1 inch per month and will be shorn twice per year and sent off to make some lovely items. They are as sweet as can be and love all the attention you are willing to give! 


Infinity & Beyond


"Itty & Bea" our shy but beautiful Painted Dessert sheep. This breed of sheep does not need to be shorn as they shed out their winter wool and have a lovely hair coat for the summer! 

Ben & Jerry

Yes, we LOVE ice cream! Our 2 fluffy bunny friends spend their days hopping around their outside pen hoping for friends to stop in and visit (especially if they are bringing carrots!) 


Moe, Larry & Carly


Our 3 stooges...Moe and Larry are on barn cat duty while Carly hunts around the house. You will typically find the boys lounging around the hay loft if they are not out hunting! 

Abigale & Amelia

Our Sebastapol Geese that Bella hatched here on the farm! This breed is know for the curly feathers...They love to follow everyone around and beg for treats! 


Kiko, Jax & Finn


Annie & Brookie


In Loving Memory of the special ones who left hoof & paw prints on our hearts...always in our thoughts


Blaze aka "Monster Truck"


All images on this site courtesy of Dawn Laughlin: Millstone Memories Photography

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