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  • How often are lessons?
    We offer weekly lessons. Once you register your spot is held for you each week.
  • What if I need to cancel due to being sick?
    Illnesses happen! We understand! We are happy to schedule a make up lesson for when you are feeling better! Please call or message us to let us know that you will not be at your lesson.
  • What about bad/rainy weather?
    If its raining or snowing or unsafe riding conditions we STILL have lessons. Riding is more then just getting on a horse and going. We will teach a horsemanship/educational lesson in place of riding if its not safe to ride. If the roads are unsafe we will offer a make up lesson time on a different day.
  • What do I need to wear?
    We highly recommend a shoe or a boot with a hard sole so that your foot stays in positioning the stirrup. Long pants are required for riding as is a certified riding helmet. We do have MANY sizes of helmets available but if riding is something you plan to stick with you may want to get one that you know fits you perfectly!
  • Can I stay and watch my child ride?
    Absolutely! We love when parents watch and enjoy the learning/riding process. We do ask that you do just that though...Just Watch...Please give us space to teach and work with your child to get the best results from each and every lesson!
  • Do you ride all year?
    YES 100%! We offer year round lessons. We LOVE riding in fresh and fluffy snow its magical!
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